Thank You Supporters 🙏

Thanks to the generous donations of the global supporters who helped my fundraiser, I have accumulated a total amount of $3620, (approx. INR 301,000). Of which some funds have been deducted for gateway fees, by Milaap, the platform used for the fundraiser. A total of INR 98,311 has been transferred to the Indian account of BNES and INR 150,172 in the FCRA account.

Inspired by the Sikh values of charity and giving back, evident from the global efforts during crises like Australian bushfires and Delhi floods. I partnered with Baba Nanak Educational Society in Sangrur. This partnership ensures direct assistance to families of farmers, promoting transparency and accountability in every contribution. The fundraiser addresses the under reported issue of farmer suicides, aiming to educate and gather support for the affected families.

These contributions will enhance education for the young children especially girls and improve life quality for those hit by adversity. We promise complete transparency, with all funds going directly to families personal bank accounts at SBI Bank, ensuring meticulous use of resources. Supporters are encouraged to visit their adopted families in Punjab to see the impact of their aid. Information on the families and farmer suicide statistics over the past two years is available for donors.

I have attached information about the families I am adopting and also the figures of farmer suicides of the past 2 years.

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Adoption of 10 suicide families

How your generous donation of INR 150,172 will be allocated to support these families:

  • Payments to the beneficiaries' bank accounts will be made on a quarterly basis. The distribution to these families will commence from 1st October 2023, covering the period up to the December Quarter of 2023.
  • Each family will receive INR 14,400 quarterly, which includes administrative charges. A total of INR 144,000 from your FCRA account donation will be dedicated to these families by 30th September 2024. The remaining balance of INR 6,172 will be retained by us.
  • The funds received in our Indian account will be allocated towards the eye treatment of Rajdeep, daughter of Amana Devi, from the village Chural Khurd, Punjab, India, A family Nyrah personally visited. Our field staff will oversee the process, ensuring the full treatment cost is paid directly to the hospital/doctor. We will provide you with a detailed account of the expenses incurred thereafter.

For detail view click on the pictures.

Attached is the list of 10 families affected by suicide and eye treatment of Rajdeep, daughter of Amana Devi, from the village Chural Khurd, Punjab, India.